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Mail Order Zombie
Your No. 1 source for all direct-to-video Zombie reviews!  Brother D and Bren dish out a weekly serving of the undead on film and in print, with interviews, contests, and quizzes thrown in! One of the best podcasts in the country, it would be a crime to miss it!
Cult Radio A Go-Go
The original, right here on the Web!  Everything Horror, Sci-Fi, and Underground, served up weekly by Terry and Tiffany DuFoe! Interviews, reviews, and much, much more.
The Ron & Fez Show
Ron and Fez can be heard on Sirius/XM Sattleite Radio (XM ch.202 and Sirius ch.197). Their "Official" Unofficial website is and they can also be found at

After long popular runs in Tampa, Florida, New York City, and Washington DC, Ron and Fez are back in The BIG APPLE! These guys have been so incredible to us, having us on their show, promoting our series and even helping us with some Zombie Hunters show content. These guys are the real deal: funny, talented, and overall GREAT guys!
Horror Host Graveyard
A website dedicated to the long legacy of Radio and Television Horror Hosts, from the classic masters of the 40's and 50's to today's hottest TV and Internet stars! Corpse S. Chris brings them all to you in one place, along with some VERY rare old-time video. Read up on your favorites, discover forgotten pioneers, and pick up a set of official Horror Host Trading Cards!
Pitch Black Dream
Singer-songwriter Bernadette McCallion and songwriter-producer Rich Gaglia have teamed up for this new electronica project. Individually, their indie alternative rock music has been heard on television, in film, and on radio. Together, they are forging a new sound in music -- dreamy, beat-driven, and hypnotic with a pop-edge.
Monster Madhouse
Horror Host Karlos Borloff, Lizard Man, and the ever-expanding gang of Monsters, Creatures, and other Weird Things, bringing a LIVE broadcast horror show to the Washington, DC, area! It rarely gets better than this, people.
Chiller Theatre Expo
The twice-yearly main event for all cool things: Horror, Sci-Fi, pop culture, along with the biggest stars signing autographs and the killer Saturday Night Costume Bash with house band The Dead Elvi. Not to be missed.
International Otter Survival Fund
A group solely dedicated to education and awareness of Otters. They also rescue injured Otters and release them back into the wild, and do events to raise funds for their care. Anyone who knows Patrick knows that the Otter is quite important to him, as they are to many others.
The Experience with Don Stugots & Regina
Ms. Divine's Le Tee Hee Hee Heure
The comedy world is filled with one-person acts, but no one does it quite like Ms. Divine! We're not even going to attempt to descibe her unique act, simply because we couldn't do it justice in words. Check her out on Queens and Manhattan cable, and pick up a few of her one-woman DVD's today. We watch constantly.
Sci-Fi Ninja Theater
The public access show that started the rest.  Vinny Vlado and host Shadow Ninja bringing us weekly updates from all the coolest conventions and underground happenings in the NY Tri-State area.  Horror Cons, Tattooing, Anime, piercings/suspensions, comics, interviews, and all things Metal! The show that can't be killed!!!
The Graveyard Show
Singer/Songwriter Jessica Lee is a rising star on the NYC touring circuit. Her melodic songs can be downloaded from iTunes, and are seriously worth a listen. Treat yourself to one of her live shows when you're in town!
The All-New Braineaters Show
Aardvark & Fallen Fayth bring you THE ALL NEW BRAIN EATERS SHOW on BCAT, QPTV, and in all five boroughs of NYC! An insane brand of in-your-face, heavy-hitting, socially-relevant metal comedy skits mixed with interviews, tattoos, event coverage, performance art pieces, burlesque acts, and featuring a metal, punk, or hardcore band in every epiosde!
The Ghouligans Super Show!
Our friends from Long Island, featuring Void (the only Zombie we've given amnesty to)! You just have to see it: great scripts, funny as hell, with a production value better than what you'll usually catch on network TV.

Monster-Mania Con

Newton Collision Repair

Set a few years into a Zombie apocalypse, this web-series shows a band of survivors trying to get to a better place away from the undead plague. The series revolves around four main characters who travel together, protecting each other from the dangers of that world! A cool series, produced in NJ by a really good bunch of guys. is a community for those of us that love the horror genre,whether itís movies, books, comics, music, video games. The Caretaker spends all his time digging up genre people to talk to (like us!) and delivers a really excellent podcast not to be missed!

X-Possibles are NYC Zombieapocalypse Slayerpunks lead by front woman Tibbie X and they are back from the dead! Killers, Mutants, Defects, Creeps and Zombies UNITE!!
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Mass Grave Pictures

The Shadow Show

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