Season 1 - Episode One

In the pilot episode of the show, we start off by seeing a young couple who've lost their way through a series of ill-fated detours. At a dead-end, they come face-to-face with the horror that the government and the media have been trying to keep from the us all: the living dead plague that has begun to sweep across the East Coast. They lock themselves in their car and are quickly surrounded. That is, of course.......until the Zombie Hunters arrive! The group of professional slayers of the undead rescue the humans, make short business of the Zombies, and leave the shocked couple in their blood-soaked car.  

But as we see next, this is just a glimpse into the future of the Zombie Hunters' world.  What unfolds during the next five episodes are the early reactions to the plague, the spread of the undead through the city, the formation of the Hunter's Death Squad, the emotional and physical toll it takes on them, and how they all almost die during their first night out!  

We also get to see into the mind of Billy Cassidy, one of the central figures of the story, who is looking for his missing girlfriend, Paramedic Judy Moskowitz. Will he find her before it's too late? Or has her fate already been sealed?    
Season 1 - Episode Two

Two days after the events at the end of Episode One, Billy and Bates are out on patrol, trying to avoid the authorities while at the same time trying to keep Billy's neighborhood safe.  During an encounter with a woman by a local park, we find out that not only has she seen the undead in the woods, but that her daughter ran off in panic and is lost! Adding to this potential tragedy is the fact that Billy knows this family, and remembers the little girl as a baby. Billy and Bates contact John, and they go into the darkened area to save the young girl.  

Will they get to her in time? What other horrors will they find along the way?  And during a particularly gruesome moment, is Billy starting to lose his grip on reality? Only you can be the judge!

Season 1 - Episode Three

A few weeks go by and the Hunters are mostly unable to access new weapons and ammunition in NYC. While John goes out a tries to make contact with underworld gun dealers, Bates turns to a former co-worker of his, a disgraced postal carrier named "Smoothie". This man agrees to seel the hunters the extra weapons he's amassed over the years, and the Team is finally geared up with something other than a handful of bullets.   

Meanwhile, the living dead problem continues to escalate in the city, and finds its way into St. John's Hosiptal (where Judy works out of). Judy's friend, Dr. Rebecca Kaufman, and her assistant, Carrie Walker, RN, are making their normal rounds when the emergency room erupts in chaos! A jogger brought in after being hit by a delivery van has died from her wounds, only to re-animate on the operating table and attack the doctors, guards, and patients in the south wing. What must Rebecca and Carrie do to restore order amidst the fatalities?    

Billy sees the aftermath of this on the news that night, and realizes that the heroes from the hospital might just make excellent additions to the group he, Bates, and John have started.
Season 1 - Episode Five

After bringing the wounded Joey to Dr. Kaufman and Carrie in a makeshift infirmary, Billy and Bates go to the milita group's compound. Just wanting to steal whatever they could, they quickly found themselves in a situation that nothing could have prepared them for. What will they do? To what extremes will each of them go? And what fate lies in store for Joey?
Season 1 - Episode Four

Billy and Bates' long-time acquaintance, Joey "Douchebag" Kincaid, is released from prison early and asks to be a part of the Death Squad. Billy reluctantly agrees, and the three of them make a plan to meet with the gun dealers John has met. Unfortunately, the night before, Billy learns that the Mako Staple factory, the only place he's worked since failing out of college, has burned to the ground. He unloads the guns, and pours himself into a bottle of scotch.

The next morning, still feeling the effects of the previous night, Billy and crew go to meet with the dealers, who turn out to be a local small-time militia group. Only Joey is perceptive enough to realize something's wrong the moment they get there. Thing turn bad quickly, and our three heroes barely survive the next few minutes of their lives. 
Season 1 - Episode Six

The weeks of nightly killings, ending with events of Episode 5, affect each of the Hunters in a different way.  Carrie decides to confront her fears by learning how to defend herself. Bates takes it almost in stride, seeing himself becoming a bit of a hero. John wants answers from the people he's trusted. And Billy tries to turn to the solace he once found in his church. Will any of them find the answers they seek?

The group finds themselves in a better position for survival than ever before, but internally they are unravelling. The story comes full-circle in this episode, as we find out what causes the hunt/rescue in the beginning of Episode One, only this time through the eyes of the Hunters. Will tensions between them all cause the group to fracture? And when Bates quickly goes off on his own to take another crack at dealing with the Underworld, what else might he lose along the way?
Season 1 - Episode Seven

An uneasy alliance with a scientist who claims she's found a "cure" for the Zombie plague once again brings the Hunters back together, this time with several others. John has made contact with a group similar to theirs from the Bronx, run by a woman named Tequlia Mockingbird. Tequila sends Gabby, her second-in-command, to check out the group from Queens and find out what she can about the rumors of this "cure". 

The two groups join up outside a medical supply warehouse in a heavily-infested area of Queens, only to find out how the workers inside have been dealing with the plague in the own way! The quest for a "subject" to test the cure on quickly degrades into an all-out fight just to make it back to the parking lot!

We also see Billy's continuing decline into madness come to a terrifying new height. And  just as the rest of the Team seems to be solidifying, tragedy strikes one of their own! What will it all mean to their chances to make it through this crisis?
Season 1 - Episode Eight

Following the news-covered events of Episode Seven, Governor Alvarez has no choice but to call out all available forces to end the Zombie threat in his state. Seeking to use NY as a model for the rest of the country, Martial Law and strict curfews ae temporarily imposed for all NY Citizens. Even the Hunters lay low for days at a time, mostly hiding out at Billy's barred-in apartment. After two weeks of this, the authorities finally come forward to announce that not only have they eradicated the problem in NY, they also officially state to the population that there is no "sickness"; that those thought to be infected are actually the re-animated bodies of the dead!

This leads to many things: organized protests, lawsuits against the goverment, wild parties across the city, and, of course, ouright panic by a small percentage of the population. But this is all old news to the Zombie Hunters, all of whom look forward to their new 'career' being over... all of them, except Bates.

But there is another section of the population, one that's realized it's golden opportunity to spread chaos. And it's this fraction of society that is about to mobilize.

Just as this is taking root, Billy confronts Bates about the things they've done, and Bates confronts Billy about the realities of Judy's "disappearence". Words turn to violence, and while two friends reach their breaking point, other things are beginning to break down as well, culminating in an horrific incident... and the answer to at least one question.
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