(Exec. Producer / Talent, “Announcer”)
A licensed Occupational Therapist by trade, “Zombie Hunters” is Mrs. Alvarez-Devaney's first foray into the realm of producing horror films. She studies yoga and martial arts in her spare time.

Jeanna currently lives in Jamaica with her husband, with whom she nurses a minor addiction to fresh fruit smoothies, and continues to be both patient and understanding while the rest of us spend our time killing the undead.

Together, she and Patrick run Devarez Films, LLC, the production company in charge of the Zombie Hunters TV series.
(Talent, “Dr. Rebecca Kaufman” / Crew)
When an odd yet demanding role is needed, there’s only one person to call! Linnet handles many of the unsung duties of the show, including script reading, set dressing, and goodie baking. And how many people would let you wrap them in body armor while almost eight months pregnant?

A real-life scientist and professor, Linnet lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, attorney and staff Boom Operator Aaron Brooks, and their daughter, Alia.
(Director of Photography / Producer / Co-Writer)
The world can be a very strange place, and nowhere is the proof of that more clear than in our own Mr. Boutros! A long-time college friend of Patrick’s, Mark has worked for the CUNY system after recently completing his work as a Media professor at Keane University! He has also been an Adjunct Professor of Radio Production at Brooklyn College.

Mark’s work as a radio producer is unsurpassable, and he can be visited online at and He currently lives in NJ with his wife, Production Assistant Lisa Boutros, and their daughter, Sophia.
Our man out in the field, Chris is responsible for successfully getting the show recognized in as many venues as possible and is also our webmaster! He does this while away from his duties as the creator of the Horror Host Graveyard, a website showcasing the rich history of horror hosting, from the earliest days of radio to today’s Internet stars!

Want to know more? Then visit him at today!
(Series Creator, Director, etc.)
After stints as an altar boy, janitor, rock musician, freelance artist, ditch digger, electrician, bartender, office manager, student, roadie, and bookkeeper, Patrick is taking off in the world of broadcast media as the main creative force behind the show. In addition to being the creator, producer, editor, and director of “Zombie Hunters”, he also fills in behind the camera, writes many of the stories and teleplays, and of course, co-stars in the ensemble cast as protagonist Billy Cassidy.

A graduate of Archbishop Molloy High School, Columbia University Bartending Academy, and Queens College, Patrick (much to his dismay) has lived his entire life no more than 20 miles from the spot where, during the Johnson Administration, he was born.

Patrick currently lives in Jamaica with his wife, with whom he often visits Japanese restaurants and watches the Big Bang Theory religiously.
(Former Assistant Director / Cinematography / Talent, “Brock Denworth”)
In addition to his starring role as Brock Denworth, David takes on many different aspects of the show, not the least of which is Assistant Director. A counselor/advisor for the NYC Board of Education in “real” life, David dedicates much of his time to make sure the scenes go as well as possible.

His hobbies include fishing, poker, good beer, and keeping Patrick sane and focused in the real world. A graduate of both Xavier High School and Fordham University, David lives in Lower Manhattan.
(Actor / Stuntperson)
Our main stuntperson, Ron has been in nearly every episode of Zombie Hunters, as a Hunter, a Militaman, a victim, and of course several Zombies. Often working without protective gear to make the scene as real as possible (do NOT try this at home), Ron is a credit to his trade!
(Talent, “Carrie Walker, RN”)
Teri might have been the final actor cast as a main hunter, but that has certainly not stopped her from become a top favorite amongst fans! No other character in the series goes through such drastic change. From naďve graduate student to a Hunter with a penchant for killing Zombies with her bare hands, Ms. Gudorp brings a sensitivity and weight to this person rarely seen in horror today

When not running around with automatic weapons, Teri teaches Mathematics, runs year-round children's camps, and lives in NJ with her husband, James
(Former Assistant Director / Talent, “Nina Chu”)
Photographer and banking executive Ning Ham makes her television debut as the one and only “Nina Chu”. A graduate from Boston University, Ms. Ham specializes in un-retouched stills of NYC buildings and areas, places that have the character that only time and constant use (and misuse!) can cause.

Ning lives in New Jersey.
(Assistant Director / Production Manager / Talent, "Judy Moskowitz")
One of the newest members to our team, Kristen takes on many roles, from AD to corralling unruly Zombies between scenes. Besides sharing a birthday with Patrick and Bernadette (for real!), she is a budding surrealist photographer.
(Talent, “John Salazar”)
Rick didn’t just get this gig because he’s related to the Executive Producer: he’s well-qualified to hunt zombies! Rick is a real-life National Paintball Champion, as has appeared on the cover of magazines dedicated to that sport. This show is the first time he’s ever actually had to kill anything (well, re-kill, anyway...).

Rick lives on Long Island with his wife, Allison, where he plays golf, drives his Saleen WAY too fast, and is the owner & operator of the world-famous Newton Auto Collision.
(Musical Score)
NYC musician Bernadette McCallion provides each and every episode with a rich tapestry of music and sound, often commented on as much (if not more) than the action sequences in many of our reviews! Her songwriting is well showcased in her solo work and with the band Pitch Black Dream, and her music can be regularly heard on such hit shows as “ “The Shield”, “The Bad Girls Club”, and MTV’s “The Real World” and "Road Rules".

Please visit her at
(Talent, “Bates” / Producer / Screenplay)
The man behind Paul Michael Bates, the standout main character of the show! Murph has been hanging out with some of us for decades, and was always the natural choice when picking the Hunters (in fact, the role of Bates is specifically written for him!)

A student of many disciplines, Murph has worked at the TAPCO  (Theatre Arts & Production Company) school in the Bronx, teaching English, History, Martial Arts, Mythology, and Studio Art. He continues to teach in that area today.
(Cinematography / Addl. Publicity)
Cameraman Mark Peress started with the show during the fourth episode, and has since become a regular camera operator with the production. He has also devised marketing plans to bring the show to higher levels of recognition.
(Co-Writer / Producer)
Author and long time Horror/Comic/Sci-Fi buff Paul Pinsdorf came onto the project early on. He is a writer and co-writer of all three seasons of the show (in which he will also be making guest appearances!)

His credentials include short stories on the Daredevil site and in vignettes posted on and .  He also has a one-page feature article in the April, 2006  “Queens Parent” newspaper.
(Director of Makeup & Special Effects / Talent, “Smoothie”)
What’s a Zombie-based show without special makeup and effects? Well, not much. Luckily, we have one of the best on the East Coast handling all of that! Mike was born in Queens N.Y. and has lived there all his life. He holds a degree in Visual Arts and has always been a fan of the Horror genre. From bruising to broken teeth, full-body burns to shotgun blasts, he's on it!

In addition to recently producing SFX for the feature film “GAP”, Mike also plays the role of "Smoothie" on “Zombie Hunters”.

For those who are in the know, Mike also goes by the alias "Photoshopmike"; if you are a Ron & Fez fan... you already know :)

(Makeup / SFX / Script Supervision)
The "First Mate" of the makeup department for the show, Lindsay is a makeup artist/set designer with the premiere NYC haunted house attraction "Blood Manor".

Lindsay also runs Grave FX, which is a subsidiary of Mass Grave Pictures and is Devarez Films' main makeup team.
(Cinematography / Writing Pit)
After a chance meeting with the ZH crew at Fangoria, Manny (and Lindsay) became fast friends of the show, eventually combining forces to make 'Zombie Hunters' better, faster, and stronger!

Manny is the owner and operator of Mass Grave Pictures, where he writes and directs their own brand of horror and suspense films. Check them out at
(Talent, "Gabby Alvarez"/Addl. Score)
NYC Actress/Musician/Underground Celebrity Tibbie X is the founding member of NYC Punk Chaoscore band "X-Possibles". She is well known for her aggressive vocals and violent stage persona at CBGBs, Tompkins Square Park, ABC NO RIO, and across Europe in extensive European tours.   It is precisely these qualities that she brings to the character of "Gabby", the Hunter in charge of the new Bronx crew of Zombie Hunters.

Her music with the X-Possibles, as well as work from her previous band "Kissy Kamikaze", is often showcased during episodes of ZH.
(Publicity/ Marketing/ 2nd Asst. Dir.)
Rosemary was the show's original Publicist and Marketing Director, bringing us together with wonderful new friends like Brother D and Bren of "Mail Order Zombie". A full-time student today, Roe lives in Queens with her boys and her husband, the poet Mikey Love.
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